Calcium for your patient

Selecting the best calcium formulation for my patient

This section has been developed to provide suggestions about the best calcium formulations for the different types of patients you see in your practice.

Patient Type MCal product
An elderly patient with dysphagia problems MCal liquid Citrate D1000
Patient taking high dose PPI MCal liquid Citrate D1000
DBP having a prescription of vitamin D 50,000 IU per week MCal liquid Citrate
Patient who doesn’t like swallowing tablets Chewable MCal D1000
Patient who consumes a no calcium containing product and in which it was impossible to increase the dietary calcium intake MCal D400 BID
Children whose calcium intake is insufficient MCal D400 chewable
Young child that need to be supplemented with calcium and who will not swallow or chew liquid MCal Citrate tablets (separate vitamin D 400 IU per day)

BID: twice daily; PPI: proton-pump inhibitor