Our products

Mantra offers a broad assortment of generic, prescription and over-the-counter products. In the following section, read more to find out about what Mantra and the M-Brand line can do to help your patients.

Products Categories
M-Amlodipine Rx
M-ASA 80 mg chewable Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory
M-Atorvastatin Rx
M-Azithromycin Rx
M-B1 100 mg Vitamin B
M-B1 50 mg Vitamin B
M-B12 100 mcg Vitamin B
M-B12 1000 mcg Vitamin B
M-B12 1200 mcg L.A. Vitamin B
M-B12 250 mcg Vitamin B
M-B6 25 mg Vitamin B
M-Celecoxib Rx
M-Cinacalcet Rx
M-Clarithromycin Rx
M-Clindamycin Rx
M-Clopidogrel Rx
M-D1000 Gel Vitamin D
M-D400 Gel Vitamin D
M-Docusate Sodium Laxatives
M-Donepezil Rx
M-Duloxetine DR Rx
M-Escitalopram Rx
M-Ezetimibe Rx
M-Fer Fumarate Iron Supplements
M-Fer Polysaccharide 150 mg Iron Supplements
M-Fer Sulfate 60 mg Iron Supplements
M-Folique 1 mg Vitamin B
M-HC 1% 1% Hydrocortisone cream & lotion
M-HC 1% lotion 1% Hydrocortisone cream & lotion
M-HC 1% Protection 1% Hydrocortisone cream & lotion
M-HC 1% Urea 10% cream 1% Hydrocortisone cream & lotion
M-K20 L.A. Potassium
M-K20 Soluble Potassium
M-K8 L.A. Potassium
M-Lansoprazole Rx
M-Magnesium Complex Magnesium
M-Magnesium Gluconate 500mg Magnesium
M-Magnesium Oxide Magnesium
M-Montelukast Rx
M-Moxifloxacin Rx
M-Pantoprazole Rx
M-Paroxetine Rx
M-PEG 3350 Laxatives
M-Perindopril Rx
M-Pravastatin Rx
M-Pregabalin Rx
M-Rosuvastatin Rx
M-Senna 8,6 mg Laxatives
M-Sennosides 12 mg Laxatives
M-Sennosides 8,6 mg Laxatives
M-Sildenafil Rx
M-Urea 20
M-Venlafaxine XR Rx
M-Vita 3B Multivitamins
M-Vita 3B+C Multivitamins
M-Zopiclone Rx