Medication Circuit Integration


Ariane G.-Archambault

ATP Professional Services Trainer

Cindy Masson

ATP Professional Services Trainer

Ezzio Michell Flores Orellana

ATP Professional Services Trainer

Laurence Dubé

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Medication Circuit Integration

Your challenge

Fulfilling your obligation to structure and formalize your pharmaceutical service delivery and ensure a constant level of quality.

Our solution

A series of turnkey procedures that fully adapt to your needs and have been designed by a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, PTAs, lawyers and scientific reviewers.



  • Complying with a professional requirement
  • Peace of mind
  • Formalized quality control processes
  • Having in hand the necessary tools to optimize your pharmacy

How it works

  • Data collection that is specific to your environment
  • Customized procedures
  • A detailed training program for your staff (3 UFC credits)
  • An integrated schedule for gradual procedure implementation
  • Monitoring during implementation to ensure efficiency, safety and compliance
  • Access to the tools and reference documents available on our online platform for a period of 18 months


Pharmacist owners can choose to go through the entire medication circuit, which includes all of the following procedures, or select the procedures they want.

Our most popular procedures:

  • Managing privacy
  • Managing activities reserved for pharmacists
  • Organizing your workflow
  • Managing activities permitted by Bills 31 and 41 (3 procedures)
  • Collecting data

Other procedures required by the professional order:

  • Welcoming and training new employees
  • Recording information in a file
  • Disposing of drugs
  • Distributing tasks by position
  • Issuing and enforcing prescriptions
  • Assessing prescriptions and prioritizing patients
  • Managing inventory
  • Managing the CCVD (pillboxes or workflow)
  • Managing methadone
  • Managing incoming orders
  • Managing “will calls”
  • Managing advice requests
  • Managing different legal classes
  • Managing events
  • Managing deliveries
  • Managing hazardous or high-risk materials and drugs
  • Managing missing drugs
  • Managing pillbox
  • Managing non-sterile preparations
  • Managing sterile preparations
  • Managing priorities when receiving prescriptions
  • Managing Health Canada’s drug recalls
  • Managing faxes
  • Maintaining the cold chain
  • Receiving and storing documents
  • Planning for equipment failure or breakdown emergencies
  • Using technological equipment

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