Managing privacy

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Managing privacy

Your challenge

Complying with Bill 25’s personal information protection standards.

Our solution

A program tailored to your pharmacy’s needs and developed in collaboration with pharmacists, lawyers and PTAs.


  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing you are compliant
  • A training program that addresses the specific roles and responsibilities of each pharmacy employee
  • A greater understanding of your pharmacy’s data collection and management processes

How it works

  • A customized procedure
  • Access to 14 essential tools such as:
    • A self-assessment to evaluate your integration
    • The basic requirements of a service provider agreement
    • Handling confidentiality incidents or complaints
  • 8 online training modules for your team, including 2 modules dedicated to the person in charge of personal information protection
  • Access to Mantra’s platform with our complete toolbox for a period of 24 months

Medication Circuit Integration

Formalize your circuit to ensure consistent, optimum quality.

A series of turnkey procedures that fully adapt to your needs and have been designed by a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists, PTAs, lawyers and scientific reviewers.

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