One Activity at a Time: Chronic Disease Management

14+ UFC
2 hours (2 UFC)
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One Activity at a Time: Chronic Disease Management

Your challenge

Integrating this clinical activity into your practice.

Our solution

We have been providing our customers with numerous training programs about professional activities, and we noticed that certain activities were harder to integrate and, consequently, not as invoiced. So we decided to break down professional activities to help make their integration easier.


  • A simplified deployment of your action plan
  • A comprehensive approach to all aspects of chronic disease management (clinical, billing and organizational)
  • A motivating factor for your employees
  • A modular approach to finances

How it works

  • A 120-minute training course that explains and demystify the ins and outs of invoicing (2 UFC credits)
  • Access for a period of 12 months to our complete toolbox which includes:
    • At least one accredited online clinical training course for each pathology (12+ UFC credits)
    • A podcast with Sylvie-Anne and Joanie that takes the drama out of patient management
    • All the (pre-meeting, assessment and follow-up) forms you need to effectively manage your patients

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